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07 November 2010 @ 02:17 pm
The Time Is Nigh  


1. Anonymously (or not, if you're gutsy enough) post a pairing and/or prompt you would like to see written. It doesn't necessarily have to be kinky, but come on. There's nothing Vanilla about this universe.

2. Be as vague or as detailed as you like, but try not to just end up not-ficcing it. If you write the whole thing out, what's the point in posting it here? Just go post it to a community!

3. Anonymous (or not, again, if they're gutsy) will respond to your post and write it for you! Art and such is also acceptable/super awesome. Multiple people may respond to the same prompt, if they want.

4. Reciprocation isn't necessary for everyone, I'm sure plenty of people will come by this meme that don't write but love to read. Writers need readers! But if you are even the slightest bit inspired, try to answer someone's prompt. We don't want this to be all prompts and no responses.

5. No flaming other peoples prompts. Kink is kinky. If you don't like something, don't read it, it's as simple as that.

6. Feel free to take this anyplace you want within the Killjoys universe. Keep it with the band, or about characters the band have created. Go crazy! Crossovers are allowed! But do remember that this universe originated in the My Chemical Romance camp. They don't have to show up in your prompt, but there is a better chance of it being written if they do.

7. The utmost important rule is to HAVE FUN. This is a kink meme, people! This is your chance to have your deepest darkest fic-shaped thought come to life! Live the dream!

8. REPOST! Post this everywhere you think it will be appreciated. A meme is only a meme when it had been spread to the very edges of the earth! I want this to be huge. I want the entire fic writing/art making Killjoys Community to be involved in this. I know you want this too.
Have some handy code! Copy and paste!

Also, so_many_fandoms made this handy round-up post of the prompts and any responses so far. THANK YOU! :)
The Aftermath is Secondary
Mood: hopeful
(Anonymous) on December 15th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
korse/ghoul, poison Part 1
Wrote this for the thread on 4chan, thought you might enjoy it.

Party Poison yanks on the chains again, the cold metal stinging into his red wrists, holding his arms above his head. He shakes his head again, yanks harder on the chains, and even pushes his head against his arm, hoping to loosen the blindfold.
He lets out another roar of frustration.
“My, my, Mr. Way. You are an impatient man, aren’t you?” Korse’s voice suddenly booms, and Poison tries to hide the way his entire body jolts. He tries to will away the panic, sweat, and sudden heaving in his chest.
Korse laughs.
“You are so fascinating, Mr. Way,” he says, and Poison can hear someone being dragged into the room. “The way your entire body trembles in fear when we’re together. It’s subtle, but I know you too well, Gerard.”
“Shut up!” Poison gasps, hearing the feet resisting on the floor as the newcomer is dragged across the room, “You don’t get to call me that.” There’s a muffled cry of pain and a loud thud as the other person is thrown, and Poison’s entire body turns cold.
The soft, unbelieving “no” barely escapes his lips before the blindfold is ripped from his face. Fun Ghoul, gagged with his armed pulled tight behind him with rope, gapes wide eyed at Poison for a moment, before letting the defiant stare fall over his face. He makes a noise that sounds like a growl, aiming his glare at Korse, pulling at his restraints.
“Let him go, Korse,” Poison snarls. Korse grabs Ghoul by his arms, pulling them at an awkward angle that twists Ghoul’s brows in pain. He gives Poison a pleasant smile as he forces Ghoul face first into a table, kicking his legs open.
Ghoul’s eyes suddenly widen again, pure panic flashing like a light bulb turning on behind hazel irises, slowing collecting a wetness at the corners of the lids.
“Fuck!” Poison screams, thrashing and tearing at his restraints, “Don’t fucking touch him! I’ll fucking kill you, Korse!”
Korse laughs, fumbling with belts to tie Ghoul’s ankles to the table legs.
“You’re a dead motherfucker!” Poison roars, ignoring the warm trickle of blood down his sleeves and the screeching pain in his wrists.
Ghoul makes a muffled cry as his pants are pulled to his knees, and Poison can feel his own tears on his face as Korse slides two dry fingers in.
“KORSE!” Poisons voice is raw now, and he squeezes his eyes shut as Korse begins to fingerbang Ghoul. “Please, Korse, please. Take me instead.”
“Why, Gerard. I didn’t know you reciprocated my feelings. I’m touched,” Korse says, dropping his hand from his assault to approach Poison. He pets the side of Poison’s face with said hand, and Poison pales when he sees the blood smeared on them. “However, I’ve seen you two, in the zones. I’ve seen the way you watch each other when you think the other isn’t looking,” he suddenly grips Poisons face hard, slamming it back and pushing his entire body against him. “I won’t have it. You’re mine.”
As sudden as he was there, Korse is gone and back to Ghoul. Poison doesn’t look at the odd expression Ghoul is giving him, doesn’t try to decipher it. He can’t, not with the dread seizing his entire body right down to his thoughts. He doesn’t know what to do, and he knows there is no stopping this.
“Please,” he says. It comes out weak and childish, raw and distant. He barely hears it himself as he watches Korse line himself up against Ghoul’s backside.

(Anonymous) on December 15th, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)
korse/ghoul, poison Part 2
Ghoul’s scream is uncontrolled behind the gag as Korse pushes completely in him. Even less so when Korse pulls back and rams back in harder, pushing his arms up again.
“This is what happens,” Korse says, twisting Ghoul’s arms even more, “when you try to take what’s mine.”
Poison’s heart is racing as Ghoul whines and sobs into the gag. He yanks at his wrists again, thrashing wildly, ignoring the shooting pain.
“You fucking mother fucker! I will fucking rip you apart!”
Korse laughs, throwing his head back and releasing Ghouls arm’s. He takes a handful of black hair and pulls, before shoving Ghoul’s face into the table. He begins moving again, setting a fast and ruthless pace.
Poison isn’t sure how much time passes, his own voice gone, but he keeps screaming. Korse grunts with every thrust, his white knuckles bright in Ghoul’s hair. He pulls out to remove the buckles holding down Ghoul’s legs, Poison’s stomach dropping at the sight of all the blood, and flips Ghoul onto his back.
“Now, Mr. Iero,” Korse says, hands working at the latch on the gag, “Do you understand the gravity of what you’ve done?”
Ghoul just pants and gasps, glaring behind his tears. Korse wraps his hand around Ghoul’s throat.
“I asked you a question, Mr. Iero. I want to know if you understand.” He lifts one of Ghoul’s legs up, and pushes back into Ghoul.
Ghoul gasps and chokes, unable to reply, and makes desperate wheezes as Korse falls right back into the ruthless pace. Poison is sure for a moment Korse will strangle him, but then Korse lets go, pulling up Ghoul’s other leg and thrusting deeper.
Ghoul’s voice is shot when he tries to speak, Poison doesn’t hear it, but Korse ceases his pounding to lean over him.
“I’m sorry, could you repeat that for everyone in the room?”
Poison looks at Ghoul. He’s panting, his hair sticking to his face. His eyes are red as they glare up at Korse.
“I understand.”
Korse pulls out again, shoving Ghoul off the table and laughing as Poison slumps in his chains. He palms himself, licking his lips as he makes his way back to Poison. Poison just looks past him as he works his dick with Ghoul’s blood, watching the helpless look Poison knows he’s wearing. He can’t find the energy to care, not even as Korse comes on his face, moaning “Gerard”.
Korse tucks himself away, zipping his pants and fixing his shirt. He grabs a fistful of fire truck red hair and licks at the dye stains on Poison’s neck.
“I’ll be back in a few hours,” he says, stepping away and over Ghoul to the door. “We’ll want to be sure the lesson stuck, Mr. Iero.”
(Anonymous) on December 16th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
korse/ghoul, poison Part 3
In rewards for the picture. I'll continue the story.

The door shuts with a quiet click. The only sounds left in the room are Ghouls whimpering and gasps, as he curls in on himself the best he can.
“Ghoul,” Poison says, almost a croak.
Ghoul just shakes his head, and Poison lets his drop to his chest. He thinks Ghoul falls asleep, but Poison can’t sleep, knowing that Korse will return soon.
He’s never regretted meeting Grant anymore in his life than now.
Poison rethinks that idea when Korse finally returns, two Dracs in tow. The two pick Ghoul up by the shoulders to his feet, his legs shaky as they lead him back over to the table.
“I hope you’re ready for this, Mr. Iero,” Korse says. “I think this will hurt a lot more this time.”

Korse nods at the Dracs, smirking and taking his place by the wall. One Drac unfastens their pants and takes a seat on the table, prepping his slight hard on. The other Drac lifts Ghoul when he’s ready, and as Ghoul starts to resist, he pushes Ghoul down.
Ghoul bites his lip to keep from making any more noise, as the two bounce him up and down. Poison can’t help but watch, hoping that he’s wrong. Korse wouldn’t.
When the Drac not currently fucking Ghoul steps back to work on his own pants, Poison takes in a sharp breath. There’s nothing he can do, and it’s entirely his fault.
Ghoul cries out loud when the other Drac begins to push into him, the Drac below him still forcing him up and down on his own cock. He suddenly screams as they both push him down, both thrusting up to meet him, holding him down for a moment before beginning a rhythm of lifting him and slamming him back down again.

Poison can’t help but startle when Korse appears next to him and begins to trail his hand down the front of Poison’s jacket.
“What are you doing?” Poison says, trying to keep his voice even. Korse pulls the front of Poison’s jeans open and slides them to his thighs.
“Your pants, they’re so tight. But this works well enough,” Korse says, tugging on Poison’s dick, “I just want to make sure you’re enjoying the show, my love.”
“Don’t fucking touch me” he spits. Korse stops his fondling to step behind Poison, fumbling with something he can’t see. Instead he sees Ghoul, screaming as the two Dracs fuck him senseless.
There’s a cool, wet sensation at his entrance, and Poison’s entire body stiffens.
“What the fuck are you doing, Korse?”
(Anonymous) on December 16th, 2010 02:43 pm (UTC)
korse/ghoul, poison Part 4
The object starts to push in, and Poison can tell Korse put lube on it.
“I thought you liked toys, Gerard. You used to love them before.”
He shoves it in all the way at once, and Poison grunts, but manages to downplay the pain. Korse twists it in him before slipping a switch. It starts to vibrate.
“What-“ Poison tries to say, but he has to bit his tongue to keep from letting out the moan in his throat. He watches Fun Ghoul, trying to suppress the twitching of his own dick with his guilt.
Korse snaps his fingers and the Dracs stop, pulling Ghoul up and turning him around above the Drac on the table. They lower him down again, the second Drac thrusting back in as soon as he’s halfway. Korse starts to jerk Poison as the Dracs restart their brutal rhythm.

“Fuck,” Poison gasps, unable to help getting hard. Watching Ghoul writhe as two Dracs slam into him isn’t helping, and he pulls on his wrists to remind him of the situation they’re in. That he should not be enjoying this.
He squeezes his eyes shut, hoping that not watching will stop the surging of pleasure through him. The only sounds in the room are the light buzzing of the vibrator in his ass, the slick of Korse’s hand over his dick, and Ghoul’s shouting and moans. A loud moan of his own escapes him, but it’s not a moan of pain.
“Mother fucker,” Ghoul says, his voice high pitched, and Poison opens his eyes to see him hang his head down. He heard him.

Poison hasn’t wanted to die since he was a fucked up druggie in Battery City, but hearing the new sobs wrecking Ghoul’s body crushes him, and he wishes his life would just end. He didn’t care how, but he needed it, and now.
Korse flips the switch twice, and the vibrating kicks up two notches. Poison makes a noise between a cry and a moan, tears he didn’t realize were there rewetting his cheeks. Korse starts to stroke him harder, his other hand gripping the vibrator and moving it slowly in and out, pushing around for his prostate.
Poison does his best to hold back all the moans desperately trying to escape him, especially when Korse’s prodding finally does brush into his prostrate. Korse must have heard the slight gasp, because he pushes hard into that spot again over and over with the vibrator, before pushing it against it and holding it there. He works his hand even faster.
“I think,” Korse calls to the Dracs, his voice heavy, “That Mr. Iero needs it even harder, if you can manage. It’ll leave a better impression.”

(Anonymous) on December 16th, 2010 02:44 pm (UTC)
korse/ghoul, poison Part 5
Ghoul whines as they pull him up higher, and push into him even harder, their gloved hands holding him tight enough that Poison can see the start of bruises when their hands shift.
The Drac behind him moves one hand to fist Ghoul’s hair, pulling him against his body and thrusting deeper. The other Drac brings a fist to Ghoul’s half hard cock, pumping it.
Ghoul screams again, but this time it’s different. Horrified that he felt a twitch of his own, Poison assumes, watching Ghoul’s lower half wiggle.
Poison takes in the bruising around Ghoul’s exposed neck, trailing up to his jaw. There’s a bit of drool on Ghoul’s chin, and when Ghoul turns his head to look at Poison, he can feel it.
He comes hard in Korse’s hand, high pitched, and Poison doesn’t think he’s ever made a noise like that. Ghoul moans his first real moan of pleasure, and suddenly the warmth behind Poison is gone.
Korse is back over by Ghoul when Poison finally catches his breath, grabbing more of Ghouls hair and pushing him down onto the Drac on the table.
“I thought you understood, Mr. Iero. He’s mine.”

Poison can’t see what Korse is doing and he turns Ghoul again and lifts one of his legs straight into the air.
“No, don’t,” Ghoul starts, but he doesn’t say any more as the second Drac makes room for Korse, and Poison sees a flash of another vibrator.
Korse steps out of the way for Poison to see as he shoved the vibrator pushes in with the Dracs’, stretching Ghoul. He hisses and whimpers, biting at his lip as Korse works it in as far as it will go, before switching the switch to the highest setting.
Ghoul is a shaking mess as the three men hold him, the Dracs pounding into him as Korse slams the vibrator along with them. The Drac below him begins to stroke his cock again, and Ghoul’s face is soaked with tears when he finally comes. He shudders as they continue the assault, back to screaming when they don’t stop.
Poison feels himself harden again, the vibrator in his ass still sending jolts through his prostate. They continue for what feels like hours, when Poison comes again and tries to turn away.
He just can’t watch anymore, and he passes out to Ghoul’s screams.
(Anonymous) on December 16th, 2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
Re: korse/ghoul, poison Part 5
Thanks Anon, for putting the rest up.

And the picture:

(Anonymous) on December 18th, 2010 08:18 am (UTC)
Re: korse/ghoul, poison Part 5 - Art part two
And then that drawfag was too cool for life and drew another one.

(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2010 10:18 am (UTC)
Re: korse/ghoul, poison Part 5 - Art part two
Awesometastic <3 There needs to be more art on this meme, and I guess that's why I'm here...

Is there a way to securely post some porn on a image storage site (or anywhere really) without the threat of it being taken down? I have a pic I need to post, but I'm afraid it'll get removed if someone flags it. Any way I can prevent this?
(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2010 12:39 pm (UTC)
Re: korse/ghoul, poison Part 5 - Art part two
(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2010 09:00 pm (UTC)
Re: korse/ghoul, poison Part 5 - Art part two
Fuck. this is awesome! Thanks so much!
gala_apples: hell frankgala_apples on December 27th, 2010 09:15 am (UTC)
Re: korse/ghoul, poison Part 5 - Art part two

Ghoul/drac/drac DP. I have no coherency to explain how much this is brilliant and everything I didn't know I wanted.